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Digital Asset Management

Organize and manage all media, documents and content

Digital Asset Management (DAM) from Cordeo, which allows you to manage all media, documents and statements made. No fragmented files, but everything centrally organized. Stored items are quickly found for (re)use thanks to metadata.

More about Digital Asset Management

Overview and structure

The DAM is the heart of your brand portal and communication. No more endless searching for the right file, that one image or a logo. Save yourself valuable time and create an overview for your organization.

Accessible to all

Cordeo is a SaaS-product. This means that all users can access the portal from anywhere. You always work with the latest version of images, documents and other stored files.

Work faster

You work efficiently together. Especially for teams, a DAM is indispensable. Searching for that one image or certain content is a thing of the past. Save, download and load parts while creating expressions. Your time savings are enormous.

Consistent experience in all communications with Cordeo and it's Digital Asset Manager.

Digital Asset Management as the fundament

The DAM is the heart of your brand portal. All media, documents and created content organization wide can be found here. One platform for the creation, distribution and management of content. During the creation of new expressions, you load images and elements from the DAM and your expression is ultimately stored here as well.

  • The digital place for the storage of digital assets
  • No more fragmented content in your organization
  • Efficient communication process
Find your assets quickly with meta descriptions in Digital Asset Management.

Fast findability thanks to metadata

Metadata that includes all documents, photos and videos, as well as captured expressions, allows users to find the right expression at the touch of a button. When saving an item, it can easily be included. This saves time!

  • An end to long searches for media and documents
  • Metadata for findability
  • Time saving solution
Users and workflows get you in control in the brand portal.

Roles and rights

As an organization you can choose to give all users the same access, or assign different roles to different users. Think of rights for insight, editing and storage of media and documents.

  • Various roles and rights
  • To be filled in at your own discretion
  • Scale up the amount of users every minute of the day
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